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Guided wave radar level measurement used in vacuum salt making

Aug 11 , 2023

Guided wave radar level measurements have been used in vacuum salt production. By using the method of guided wave radar level measurement, the sensor can eliminate the foam or steam generated by evaporation or stirring, so as to reduce the measurement error and improve the product quality.

From the current working conditions, guided wave radar level measurement is mainly used in vacuum salt, sugar or titanium sponge industries. The reason why guided wave radar level measurement can be completed under various severe conditions is that the sensor probe sends out high frequency pulse and propagates along the cable probe. When the pulse hits the surface of the material, it will be reflected back and received by the receiver in the instrument, and the distance signal will be converted into the object level signal. Compared with radar level meter, guided wave radar measurement price is lower. However, as it is a contact measurement, the corrosion and adhesion of the medium should be considered. In addition, guided wave radar measurement method is designed and processed according to the fixed working conditions. Therefore, its measurement method is much more complicated than the ordinary radar level gauge. However, guided radar level measurements can inhibit the volatilization of steam and foam.

Up to now, guided wave radar level measurement method is not only used in vacuum salt production, but also widely used in chemical, petroleum, beverage and so on.


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