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HOLYKELL Radar Water Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

When some customers buy radar water level sensors, we found they do not know what should be paid attention to so sometimes improper products might be bought. Here are some tips.

The factors affecting the selection of radar water level sensors are as follows:

1. The liquid container: if the radar sensor is beyond an open pool, tank, or lake, then no impact. If it is in a closed container, the connecting pipe size will be different according to the specific application.

2. Foam:if there is no more than 2 cm of foam on the surface of the liquid, it will not have much impact on the measurement. For foams larger than 2 cm, pay attention to the thickness and size of the foam, generally small foam is less likely to be penetrated by radar electromagnetic waves than larger foam. With the same thickness, the thicker the foam, the less likely it is to be penetrated. In this case, low-frequency horn-mouth radar is more suitable than high-frequency horn-mouth radar.

3. Steam: In an environment with a lot of steam, if the radar sensor is beyond an open pool or tank, then no much impact on the measurement. When in a closed tank, steam will impact the measurement, so different types of radar level sensors will be used according to the container height, cost, contact or contactless mode, etc.

                                         HOLYKELL Radar Water Level Sensors

Holykell provides different types of radar water level sensors, including guided wave radar level sensors, high frequency radar level sensors, modulation wave radar level sensors and etc. And advise your specific application, our professional engineers will recommend the most suitable product to you.


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