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HOLYKELL Raised Donations for the Employee

Aug 11 , 2023

Recently, HOLYKELL raised donations among the entire employees, aiming at giving a little help to an employee whose his family member who unfortunately got a sudden cardiovascular disease in urgent need of surgery cost . What a sweet scene! Almost all HOLYKELL staffs donated voluntarily and generously. Because every staff in HOLYKELL has a fundamental faith that giving is much important than receiving, which is also the one of the values of HOLYKELL.

HOLYKELL Raised Donations for the Employee

From the first day of HOLYKELL establishment to now, HOLYKELL always upholds customer-centered and human-centered value and always stick to carry out by making products and services with heart. HOLYKELL believes that giving is more important than receiving when doing business. Choosing HOLYKELL is choosing a reliable partner and reliable products.

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