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High temperature pressure transducer for pressure steam sterilizer

Aug 11 , 2023

With the deepening of the concept of sterilization, the frequency of high temperature pressure transducers used in pressure steam sterilizer is increasing. For device manufacturers and food processing plants, liquid level measurement has not been able to meet the current needs, more importantly, achieving 100 percent disinfection of food and equipment is the most important task.

The high temperature pressure transducer’s high temperature resistance is obvious to all. The ordinary high temperature pressure transducer has met most of the high temperature measurement requirements. In addition, sapphire high temperature pressure sensor can theoretically be used to measure the high temperature environment up to 800 degrees Celsius. Now, the popularity of pressure steam sterilizer has further expanded the application of high temperature pressure transducer. It’s main function is to measure the latent heat and oil pressure of water vapor at high temperature and high pressure, so as to further guarantee the safety of the equipment.

In my opinion, high temperature pressure transducers will become more intelligent and technological with the change of The Times. Although level transducers are the main market today, I think both pressure and level transducers are the most important measuring instruments in the industry.

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