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Holykell Borewell Depth Measurement Instruments

Aug 11 , 2023

There are various borewell depth measurement instruments available from Holykell. Let's see what they can do.

Holykell borewell depth measurement instruments mainly include HPT604, HPT607, HLM which can measure water levels in boreholes, deep wells and etc. They have one in common is that they are all submersible level sensors, IP68. HPT604 has wide application since it can measure not only in boreholes, but also various tanks, and it has different structure for different medium (water also fuel). Note its range is around 200m.

HLM is another choice as borewell depth measurement instrument, level range up to 500m. It features immediate and direct reading of water level since it has a reel, a display, and a buzzer tells when the probe is lowered down to the borehole and contacts with the water. Besides, it has a built-in battery which enables it working long in remote areas. And it can measure water but also sea water. HPT607 is dedicated for boreholes, deep up to 500m. Its small size of housing Ø19mm enables it work in small diameter of boreholes. Among the three, HPT604 has the most economic price but if the borehole is deeper than 200m, the other two are the better choice.

                                      Holykell Borewell Depth Measurement Instruments

No matter which borewell depth measurement instrument is used, the most suitable for your application always come first. Contact Holykell, and we will provide the best solution for you.


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