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How Can I Use Pressure Level Sensor?

Aug 11 , 2023

Nowadays pressure level sensors are very common and popular in our daily life and in industrial use. Here we will talk about how to select a right product.

Aspects to Know for Pressure Level Sensor Selection


How Can I Use Pressure Level Sensor?

Before buying a pressure level sensor, we need consider the following aspects:

1. What kind of pressure is to be measured: First determine the maximum value of the pressure to be measured in the system. Generally speaking, you need to select one that is 1.5 times larger than the maximum value.

2. What kind of pressure medium: Viscous liquids and mud will block the pressure interface. If the medium are solvents or corrosive substances, they will damage the materials in direct contact with the mediums. so correct type of sensors should be selected for specific cases.

3. Accuracy needed: the accuracy is determined by: non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability, temperature, zero offset scale, temperature influence, the higher the accuracy, the higher the price.

4. The temperature range: usually a sensor will be calibrated for two temperature ranges, that is, the temperature range for normal operation and the temperature compensation range.

5. What kind of output signal is needed: mV, V, mA and digital output, which depends on many factors, including the distance between the transmitter and the system controller or display, whether there is “noise” or other electronic interference signals.

6. The sensor needs to maintain stability after overtime work: most sensors will have “drift” after overtime work, so it is necessary to understand the stability of the sensor before buying.


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