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How Important to Use Oil Tank Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

With oil demand increases, the oil tank level sensors are becoming more and more popular since oil truck still occupies the largest amount for transportation of oils. Whilist, some people doubt if there is really a need to use such level sensor.

Why We Use Oil Tank Level Sensors

The answer to whether there is a need to use an oil tank level sensor is absolutely an YES, just considering what oil tank contains is high hazardous liquid. Last month, totally 3 oil trucks combusted spontaneously, causing high level of risk to the social. After investigation, it was found that 2 of the accidents were resulted from overfill of oil tanks. According to what experts say that the oil tanks must not be overfilled nor be filled with too little oil. If the tank has too little oil, there is a lot of space for shaking during transportation, which is easy to generate static electricity; if the tank is overfilled, it’ll easily cause overflow for a poorly sealed tank. Therefore, the filling volume should be about 85%. However, how we can keep evaluating and monitoring the filling volume?


                                             How Important to Use Oil Tank Level Sensors


The invention of oil tank level sensor is dedicated for the oil truck. We can not only detect petrol, but also diesel, fuel and etc. It is characterized with a small size and generally is mounted from the top of oil tank. Through putting it at the bottom of the oil tank, we can obtain the real-time data of the continuous oil level so we can keep monitoring the condition inside the trucks.

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