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How Ultrasonic Level Sensors Used in Irrigation

Aug 11 , 2023

With the development of technologies, now ultrasonic level sensors can be used to measure the liquid level of channels, canals, weirs and gates to control the distribution of irrigation water to replace with the traditional manual farm water control method.

Thanks to its non-contact measurement mode, ultrasonic level sensors feature high accuracy and minimal maintenance, not affected by the temperature, sediments, floatings in the water. And the measuring range is wide, up to 70m, which is suitable for small weirs to wide channels. With wireless modules used, remote data transmission and automatic process control can be realized. The staff staying in their office have access to the water level and level changes through a PLC or a mobile phone and the matching system would enable them to control the water distribution in a remote way.

How Ultrasonic Level Sensors Used in Irrigation

An irrigation water delivery company in England now is using our ultrasonic level sensors to manage water distribution of their 2000 landholdings, so far so good.


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