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How We Benefit from High Temperature Pressure Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

High temperature pressure sensors are dedicated for use in high temperature applications. As we may all know that ordinary pressure sensors can’t work in high temperature environment for a long time if no protective measures are taken.

To provide solutions for high temperature application, high temperature pressure sensors are developed without extra measures taken. This kind of sensor can work in temperature up to 200℃. Its unique heat sink design reduces the heat to great extent, which well protects the sensor especially the core against sudden thermal attack of the high medium.

But if ordinary pressure sensors are used in such application rather than high temperature pressure sensors, then protective measures should be taken to avoid damage to the circuit, parts, sealing ring and core. Below are three methods.

1. If the temperature of the measuring medium is between 70 and 80℃, add a radiator to the pressure sensor and the connection point to lower down the temperature appropriately before the medium’s direct contact with the instrument.

2. If the temperature of the measured medium ranges 100°C~200°C, install a condenser ring at the pressure connection point and then add a radiator, so that heat can be cooled down by the two before direct contact with the pressure sensor.

3.To measure extremely high temperature, a pressure guiding tube can be extended and then connected to the pressure sensor, or both a capillary tube and a radiator can be installed to achieve medium cooling.

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