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How We Install Sewage Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

Sewage level sensors play a vital role in industries such as in wastewater treatment plants, in city water supply system, in sewage pipelines, etc. since more volumes of wastewater are discharged everyday. The correct installation decides whether the sensor normally work or not.

Generally, there are two installation methods for sewage level sensors. One is placing the sensor into a hollow tube, generally a PVC tube considering the economic reason, and hanging the cable on the fixed bracket. The other installation method is to insert a pole whose upper end is fixed on a bracket into the water and hang the sensor from its own cable along the pole. And finally fix the cable on the pole at intervals.

                                                                       How We Install Sewage Level Sensors

No matter which method is used, keep the sewage level sensors not floating along water and static, so that the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed.


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