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How We Optimize Functions of OEM Pressure Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

OEM pressure sensors are now very common in various industries, such as air compressors, engines, they are made specially to meet the different requirements and needs. But frustratingly, some people find that some products are not as effective as expected. Why?


                                                                                   How We Optimize Functions of OEM Pressure Sensor


How We Optimize Functions of OEM Pressure Sensor

It is partly the vibration that occurs in these OEM pressure sensors installed in the instruments and devices as above mentioned and post impact on the sensors. On one hand, the signal measured is subject to superimposed interference. If the vibration is transmitted to the output signal, the end user cannot obtain valid measurement data.This impact is immediate, and meanwhile continuous load can also cause material fatigue. The welded seams are cracked and the threads are loose. Without proper prevention and protection actions taken, the expected function of pressure sensors would be greatly weakened. However, this adverse effect can be greatly minimized from two aspects, the size and installation location. The larger the size of the pressure sensor is, the greater the impact of vibration and the smaller the resistance is. Therefore, in strong vibration applications, it is better to use a smaller size pressure sensor.

The actual location is also critical. If it is installed along the vibration axis, then it will receive less vibration. When installed in a position perpendicular to the vibration axis, it has to withstand all vibrations.

Severe vibration damages the pressure sensor but by choosing an OEM pressure sensor with appropriate size and the best installation method, the impact of any vibration can be minimized. We support OEM service for our pressure sensors, and the shell, power supply, pressure connection can also be customerized according to your actual application.


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