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How temperature influence ultrasonic liquid level meter

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic liquid level meter is a non-contact instrument for measuring the liquid level of the storage tank. It does not need to make direct contact with the liquid during measurement. However, the temperature change will affect the measurement accuracy of the ultrasonic liquid level meter. Let's discuss the effect of temperature on the ultrasonic liquid level meter and troubleshooting solutions.

If the liquid medium is above 30-40 ° C, steam or mist is likely to be generated. The ultrasonic wave emitted by the ultrasonic liquid level meter will decay once through the steam during the transmission process, and will decay again when reflected from the liquid surface, causing the final return ultrasonic signal to the probe is very weak, which makes the ultrasonic wave loss and reduces the accuracy of the measurement; if the temperature of the measured medium is low, the ultrasonic probe will frost, and the water droplets will condense on the surface of the probe. Because the ultrasonic is a kind of mechanical wave, if there is a high-density medium on the wave generating surface, it will greatly weaken the energy of the ultrasonic wave, and it will also cause the wave loss phenomenon, thus affecting the accuracy of the measurement.

To eliminate the influence of temperature on the ultrasonic liquid level meter measurement, we need to increase the range. If the actual tank height is 3 meters, choose an ultrasonic liquid level sensor of 6 meters to 9 meters, which can reduce or weaken the effect of steam or mist on the measurement. The probe should be made of polytetrafluoroethylene or PVDF, and made into a physically sealed type. Then the probe is not easy to condense water droplets on the emission surface. While the emission surface of other materials is more prone to condensation, not suitable for low temperature environments Liquid level measurement.


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