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How to Choose GWR Level Transmitter?

Aug 11 , 2023

Non-contact measurement not only promotes the development of industry, but also improves the position of gwr level transmitter in the measurement. One of the hottest topics is the selection of gwr level transmitter. Since hf radar level meters are also very important in industrial measurement, in order to avoid the confusion of using two different radar level meters, I would like to share my personal views with you here.


                                                                         How to Choose GWR Level Transmitter?

To get back to the point, the gwr level transmitters are divided into rod type and cable type. From the visual Angle range analysis: cable typ of gwr level transmitter range at around 30 meters, and the range of gwr level transmitter feeler lever type within 20 meters, through the analysis of the range of two types of sensors, we can conclude if is used for large scale industrial tank is preferred to use cable type, small industrial tank can choose sheath maerial of rod type. In addition, since all the gwr level transmitters belong to contact measurement, it cannot be used for level measurement of food-grade medium.

It is not the best method to select the gwr level transmitter based on different range. Under different working conditions, such as agitation or medium fluctuation in the tank, the rod-type gwr level transmitter is more stable. The viscosity and corrosiveness of the medium also need to be considered. In fact, any type of gwr level transmitter has the same advantage. It has a strong ability to suppress steam and foam, and is not affected by the density of liquid and the degree of loose of solid materials, so it is the best choice for the distance measurement at present.



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