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How to Find BEST River Water Level Sensor?

Aug 11 , 2023

The river water level sensor has been working to measure the water level of the river reservoir. The monitoring center will quickly analyze and process the measured data and feedback the final results to the mountain flood warning Center. Therefore, this liquid level sensor has great significance for flood control and disaster relief, and it has also been recognized by the market.

However, with the development of sensor technology, a few people believe that the In the eyes of many people, best river water level sensor should be based on non-contact measurements. Traditional submersible water level sensors do not conform to the current trend of social development. In their eyes, non-contact radar level sensors or ultrasonic level sensors are the best methods for river level measurement. In my opinion, this view is not 100% correct. First, the submersible water level sensor has not only passed the test of the market, but also the technology is mature, the sensor will hardly fail. Second, whether mechanical or radar waves, they must be in a specific environment (dust, noise, foam) to be accurately measured. The submersible water level sensor is measured through direct contact with the river. Secondly, the sensor probe adopts ceramic filter to filter impurities or weeds in the river, so as to avoid blocking the sensor. Third, the submersible type water level sensor without moving parts, low maintenance cost, and non-contact liquid level sensor internal precision parts and waterproof processing is all we need to consider, the biggest problem is that the operation need to have enough knowledge of sensor and non-contact sensor measurement experience, so the novice wasn't it.

In fact, I said so much about the river water level sensor, not to show off their ability, not to refute your opinion, I just want to point out that the traditional things are not bad, new things are not everyone, what we need is a rational choice.


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