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How to Install Radar Flow Meters

Aug 11 , 2023

As a new technology, radar flow meters get much popularity in water flow and level monitoring. While to achieve the best measurement accuracy, a suitable installation point is important.

Installation Notice of Radar Flow Meters

1. The radar flow meter should be installed in a straight, regular cross-section, no vortex, no backflow channel or river, and in the center of the channel or river as far as possible;

2. Avoid that the direction of its probe is directly facing the water flow with a large drop;

3. Avoid installing the flow meter in front of the gate or above the reservoir with undercurrent.

4. Avoid installing at the culvert exit, mountain pass air duct where the wind is easy to generate as the wind has a certain influence on the measurement of low velocity;

5. Avoid installing in the countercurrent as far as possible.


                                                                How to Install Radar Flow Meters

With the correct installation, radar flow meters would work fine and no frequent calibration required, no maintenance concern.


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