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How to Operate Level Meters

Aug 11 , 2023

Level meter is often used to measure the water level in wells, boreholes and water level pipes, and is especially suitable for the monitoring of groundwater level in hydropower projects.

                                                               How to Operate Level Meters

How to Operate Level Meters

The correct operation of level meter is very important. Here are the steps:

When measuring, loosen the set screw behind the winding reel, let the winding reel rotate freely, and then press the power button(power indicator light is on).

Hold the steel ruler cable, and slowly put the probe downwards into the water directly or in a pipe. When the probe touches the water surface, the sounder of the receiving system will emit a continuous beep.

At this time, the depth of the steel ruler cable is shown. The depth is the distance between the groundwater surface to the pipe mouth.

In case the buzzer can't be heard when measuring in a noisy environment, check the indicator instead.

These level meters are sturdy and easy to use and read.With relatively high accuracy for measuring water level, it can be used during construction and also long-term safety monitoring of projects.


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