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How to Select Pressure Sensor for High Temperature

Aug 11 , 2023

Human beings can’t endure high temperature, neither does a normal pressure sensor, thus a high temperature pressure sensor plays a very important role in the high temperature applications.

Why our high temperature pressure sensor can keep working in a high temperature environment for a long time? First, we adopt anti-high temperature materials. The core and the sealing ring and housing are made of high quality materials that would endure heat shock. Secondly, the heat dissipation design enables prompt heat dissipation and reduces the heat impact on the sensor. Thirdly, all of our product shall conduct 48 hour high and low temperature tests and aging tests before ex-factory, which ensures the adaptability of the product in storage, transportation and use under high temperature climate conditions.

How to Select Pressure Sensor for High Temperature

If a high temperature pressure sensor was not used, what would happen? The main board, parts, housing, and sealing ring would be damaged. This is very dangerous. Therefore, a right product should be selected for the specific application. Contact us to guide for the right product selection.

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