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How to Select a Suitable Flow Meter?

Aug 11 , 2023

The industrial production pays more and more attention to energy saving and environmental protection, and the accurate measurement of water, oil, gas and steam in the production process is also increasingly important. The measurement of medium flow in industrial production is affected by many factors such as its state, type, pressure, etc., which determines the complexity of flow measurement. Therefore, the flow meter selection is quite important.

Flow meter is a quite common flow device in flow monitoring. We can choose it from 5 aspects.

How to Select a Suitable Flow Meter?


Select from its quality, stability, accuracy, range, linearity, signal parameters, response time.

Fluid characteristics

Select from the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, phase change, corrosiveness, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity of the fluids to be measured.

Installation conditions

Select from the pipeline arrangement direction, flow direction, length of straight pipe section on the upstream and downstream sides, pipe diameter, maintenance space, vibration, power supply and other conditions.

Environmental conditions

Select from the ambient temperature, humidity, electromagnetic interference, explosion-proof and lightning protection, pipeline vibration and other conditions.


Select from the purchase costs, installation costs, calibration costs, maintenance costs, service life, spare parts and other factors.


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