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Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for Control Systems

Aug 11 , 2023

Hydraulic pressure sensors are very common in hydraulic control monitoring, safety control system, the specific application like vehicle brake system to monitor the brake pressure in both road vehicles and railway vehicles, breathing machines and etc.

Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for Control Systems

As a very common sensor, it's not surprising that hydraulic pressure sensors are used in various control systems. Applications in this field are generally considered from the perspective of performance, price, the safety and convenience of actual operation. This kind of sensor uses MEMS technology to install some components and signal conditioners on a small chip, thus it has the advantages of small size, which provides probability of being installed in some small instruments or systems. In addition, its low price is another major advantage compared with other sensors of high price. It also owns reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and signal amplification function, which contributes to the safety level.


                                                                                          Hydraulic Pressure Sensor for Control Systems


Different applications might require different hydraulic pressure sensors to achieve best effect, and OEM service and customization is available from us. The most suitable solution with most cost-effectiveness is always provided for the specific application.


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