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Hydrostatic Level Transmitter for Irrigation System

Aug 11 , 2023

Modern agriculture needs the participation of hydrostatic level transmitter, which is especially obvious in irrigation system. Compared with traditional agriculture, modern irrigation adopts new technology, such as water level sensors to accurately control the water amount into the field.

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter for Irrigation System

Sometimes hydrostatic level transmitter is also referred to as a level probe. It is a special type of pressure sensor for hydrostatic level measurement in tanks, wells, pool, bore holes and etc. This submersible sensor is submerged directly in the liquid to be measured and positioned as close as possible to the bottom. It measures the current level, i.e. the height of the liquid. And through the matching controller instrument and system, it can help accurately charge and discharge the required amount of water. As you all know that one of the great significances of modern agricultural irrigation system is efficient use of water resources. Through assistance of other devices, like soil moisture detector, pressure sensors, weather monitoring devices and etc, pressure level sensors can work together to contribute to a high efficient, cost-effective agriculture as you do not need to inspect and calculate the water amount personally on the field, no manual control of the watering. With accurate detection and calculation of water amount, every drop of water can be saved.


Typical applications of hydrostatic level transmitters include fluid level measurement in tanks, vessels, rivers, reservoirs, boreholes, channels and pits and they are common to see in every aspect of our life and industries.

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