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Hydrostatic Level Transmitter in Groundwater Level Monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

For groundwater level monitoring, hydrostatic level transmitter is a good choice. With the technology development, more accurate level transmitters with more functions have been developed.

What’s a Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Hydrostatic level transmitter is a submersible level sensor which is immersed in the liquid. It is one of the most common water level sensors. Its installation is quite easy, without complex wiring.


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How Important of Hydrostatic Level Transmitter in Groundwater Level Monitoring

By using hydrostatic level transmitter, continuous monitoring can be realized. The groundwater monitoring is an important means to know the groundwater change, understand the state of groundwater exploitation, and guide the protection of groundwater resources. With the historical water level change data, the related staff can dynamically analyze the changing laws of groundwater.

How to Realize Remote Monitoring

Besides, hydrostatic level transmitter can be connected with wireless module to realize remote monitoring, data can be viewed in the office or at home, which is very convenient for projects in remote mountainous areas.


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