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Hydrostatic Level Transmitters for Level Monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

A hydrostatic level transmitter is a kind of level probe that is especially used for level monitoring by measuring the hydrostatic pressure in a virtually static liquid at a pre-determined level of submersion.

Holykell offers various hydrostatic level transmitters for different applications. According to the medium to be measured, it can be divided into transmitters for water level, fuel level, wastewater level and corrosive medium level; according to the communication functions, it consists of wireless hydrostatic level transmitter and that which does not own wireless transmission function itself.

Hydrostatic Level Transmitters for Level Monitoring

And these hydrostatic level transmitters can be used in tanks, vessels, rivers, lakes, wells, bore holes…with a wide field of application. Holykell hydrostatic level transmitters are most commonly used in the water and waste water industry. Its simple use and accurate measurement technology make it one of the most commonly used level sensors by far.


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