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IOT temperature sensor used in granary

Aug 11 , 2023

IOT temperature sensor transmittes data via cloud platform to achieve real-time online remote monitoring. It has the advantages of no wiring, easy installation and low energy consumption. It is widely used in large granaries for temperature monitoring.

Compared with the traditional temperature sensor, IOT temperature sensor brings a lot of convenience to the user in the temperature measurement of the granary. As the grain is stored, it will slowly release heat, which causes the internal temperature of the grain to rise slowly. If the temperature change of the inner grain cannot be understood in time, this will cause a great loss. If an ordinary temperature sensor is used at this time, not only a large amount of wiring is required, but also a great inconvenience will happen in installation. The use of a wireless temperature sensor will avoid these troubles. The IOT temperature sensor can completely save a lot of manpower and does not need to be checked from time to time. If it is connected to a ventilation device, the wireless temperature sensor senses that the temperature parameter exceeds the preset value at the time, the corresponding ventilation equipment is automatically activated to cool down. For a large-scale grain warehouse, only a few people are needed to check the temperature at various locations in the warehouse at any time, which greatly saves labor costs.

In addition to the temperature monitoring of the granary, IOT temperature sensor can realize the on-site and remote online monitoring and early warning of the temperature change of the equipment under a variety of harsh environmental conditions, which is convenient for the maintenance personnel to fully grasp the operation status of the equipment in time. It is a smart combination of sensors and cloud platform data, which can realize real-time status analysis and prediction, and is the new power of sensors in the era of Internet of Things!


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