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Installation Notes for Water Flow Meters

Aug 11 , 2023

To measure the water flow rate, water flow meters are a good chooice. While among so many types, magnetic flow meter may be the most popular choice, and it occupies around 45% of the market. While in order to meet the working conditions of the measurement site and the accuracy and functional requirements of the instrument, we need pay attention to the installation.

                                                                                   Installation Notes for Water Flow Meters

How to Install Correctly?

Here are some aspects to note during the installation process of water flow meter (magnetic flow meter): 1. Install in the direction marked: the direction of the arrow on the sensor must be consistent with the actual flow direction.

2. Ensure that the tube is full.

3. Avoid installing at the highest point of the pipeline, which is easy to collect bubbles;When installing on a horizontal pipeline, the two measuring electrodes should not be directly above and directly below the pipeline. When installed vertically, the fluid should flow from bottom to top.

4. Series and parallel installation: if several sensors need to be connected in series on the same pipe in sequence, the distance between each sensor should be at least the length of 2 sensors.If two or more sensors are installed parallel to each other, the distance between the sensors must be greater than 1m.

With the correct installation, the function of water flow meter can be fulfilled thoroughly and the service life is guaranteed.


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