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Liquid level sensor for oil tank level monitoring

Aug 11 , 2023

With the growth of unconventional drilling, the demand for liquid level sensors is also increasing, which is also opening up a new look for oil and gas drilling. But today, sensors and controllers are used to drill for oil and gas, a high-tech means of extracting resources and protecting the environment.

The application of liquid level sensor in oil and gas is becoming more and more important. Because water, oil and chemical fluids are integrated throughout the life of a well, this is especially true with the rise of unconventional drilling techniques such as hydraulic fracturing. The emergence of new technologies and new regulations require the monitoring of a wide variety of chemicals as well as the treatment of reflux and generated wastewater. So that the use of liquid level sensor will extend far beyond merely monitoring the performance and reliability of equipment. Sensor manufacturers need to process by-products quickly and avoid polluting the environment through better collection, storage and processing. The use of liquid level sensing technology will be conducive to more efficient and stable measurement.

Under normal circumstances, we usually choose fuel tank level sensor to monitor tank levels, which is not only the characteristics of the level sensor itself, but to complete the measurement in a special environment, we must choose a special liquid level sensor.


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