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Marine Level Transducer Used in Ballast Tank

Aug 11 , 2023

Marine level transducers can be used for ballast tanks in ships which are specially designed for adjusting ship gravity, balance and other sailing performance.

How Marine Level Transducer is Used in Ballast Tank

The advent of marine level transducers is aimed to solve the problem that when a ship is in operation, the load and weight of human or materials on the ship are changing, which will change its load capacity. In order to timely adjust the ship’s balance caused by changes, specific amount of water will be sucked into or discharged from the ballast tanks. This kind of sensor can accurately measure the pressure or the level of the sea water in the tanks and provide data for the operators to take the corresponding actions.


                                                                 Marine Level Transducer Used in Ballast Tank


Actually marine level transducer is a kind of submersible level sensor which is specially designed to be used in sea water. Note that ordinary water level sensors can't work under this condition since the system always use sea water which is very corrosive. Its range can reach up to 700m which meets the requirement of no matter small or big ships. And its installation is also easy, keeping the sensor immersed in water and close to the bottom of the tanks.

As it is very useful in applications with tight space constraints and caustic environmental conditions, marine level transducers are widely used for pressure and level measurement of marine and vessel application.


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