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Multifunctional RTU for IoT Applications

Aug 11 , 2023

This is an Internet of Things (IoT) era. The IoT offers great potential to change the way in which systems function. When it is applied in industrial measurement, we can utilize various sensors with the IoT technology to provide real time and remote monitoring.

This will be called a wireless system. Holykell presents different wireless solutions for users all around the world. This includes ready to use wireless sensors, such as NBIOTT pressure/level/temperature sensors, and separate wireless modules, such as DTUs, RTUs, gateway, serial server. For example, the multifunctional RTU, HK308, is a host with multi functions of data transmission, monitoring management and operation and control.

Let’s look at this item first.

Detection object: 0-20mA 0-10V RS485 communication switch input relay output pulse count

Communication method: RS485, Ethernet, 4G WIFI

Acquisition accuracy: 0.2%

Output accuracy: 0.3%

It complies CE, ROHS standards.

It has a 1.3 inch OLED screen display, providing quite clear data view. Its size is small that can be held in an adult’s palm of hand. As a 4G multi-function RTU analog data acquisition module, this wireless remote monitoring Internet of things gateway contains 8 channels of analog input/output, switch input, relay output and other acquisition and monitoring functions, and can be connected to pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature and other sensors. Application fields: common in electric power, petroleum, thermal power, communication, industry, meteorology, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation and other fields.

Multiple interfaces can be connected to analog input (current, voltage acquisition), with digital input RS485 communication, switch value acquisition, relay control and analog output. The wired USB configuration is simple, configuration is done in the local area network, and operation is easy.


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