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Oil and Gas Level Monitoring Solutions

Aug 11 , 2023

With the development of petrochemical industry, the oil and gas monitoring becoming more and more important. Here we have different solutions for different cases.

Oil &Gas Level Monitoring Solution 1–Submersible level sensors


1.Submersible measurement, convenient use

2.Unique potting process, high sealing performance, high accuracy

3.With advanced anti-blocking design, low maintenance

4.Not affected by bubbles, deposition of the measured medium

5.Power reverse polarity protection, overload current limiting and lightning protection

6.Compact & economical.


Not suitable for measuring medium of strong viscosity


Oil &Gas Level Monitoring Solution 2–Radar Level Sensors


1.Adopt integrated design, no moving parts, no mechanical wear, less failure and long life

2.Electromagnetic waves can pass through the vacuum without a transmission medium

3.Almost all liquids can be measured.

4.Non-contact measurement, not affected by liquid density, concentration, steam, mist

5.With wide measuring range, it measures liquids of high temperature and high pressure

6.With abundant functions, it can automatically identify false echoes and eliminate interference


More expensive


Oil &Gas Level Monitoring Solution 3–Ultrasonic Level Sensors


1.Simple structure and convenient reading

2.Safe, precise, stable and reliable, with long life

3.Adopt non-contact measurement, without cleaning difficulty

4.Less affected by the viscosity and density of the liquids

5.Easy to install and maintain

6.Moderate price


Not suitable for measuring volatile media or working in dusty environments.


The selection of level sensor is subject to the specific applications. Contact our professional engineers to confirm the product.


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