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One-stop Weather Monitoring Solution

Aug 11 , 2023

In recent years meteorological disasters have been increasing worldwide in a wide area with high frequency and heavy losses cause, thus a complete weather monitoring solution is necessary so as to effectively prevent and reduce the losses and to improve the ability in response to public emergencies, especially in agricultural production, industrial development, scientific research and daily life, meteorological monitoring data are of great significance for the development of daily work, disaster prevention decision-making, and climate and environmental impact assessment.

Holykell real-time weather monitoring solution can monitor wind direction and speed, rainfall, water level , rain and snow, humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature and humidity, and soil conductivity and so on. The system automatically collects weather/level data and transmits to the cloud platform through 4G. The staff can learn the real-time weather data at home.

One-stop Weather Monitoring Solution

Weather monitoring system functions:

1.Real-time observation: The weather station can continuously collect and record various parameters of monitoring points for 24 hours.

2.Data support: While observing the weather, the weather station will upload real-time data to the cloud platform through wired or wireless communication according to the established data upload interval. The staff can view real-time data via a computer or a mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

3.System alarm remote control: the weather station supports SMS alarm. The administrator can add the limit values of certain meteorological elements in the background of the system. If the monitored real-time data exceeds the limit values, the weather station will remind you to take timely measures in the form of text messages to avoid losses.

4.System expansion: Interfaces are reserved when designed, hardware and software equipment can be added and reduced at any time to meet the needs of different customers."


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