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Radar level sensor—An artifact in the fuel tank

Aug 11 , 2023

Radar level sensor has recently been rated as a top measurement tool for fuel tank level. Let's explore the reasons together.

The reason why radar level sensor stands out in the fuel tank level measurement is mainly due to the following reasons. We all know that the accurate measurement of the fuel tank level has always been a difficult point, because ordinary level meters are greatly affected by the measurement environment ans can not provide continuous and accurate measurement data. The electromagnetic wave emitted by the radar level meter can pass through the vacuum, does not require a transmission medium, and is not affected by the environment such as steam, mist, foam and dust. Secondly, the coal bunker feeding will cause the surface of the measurement level to be uneven. Other level meters will cause large errors due to the influence of false echoes. The radar level meter has a short wavelength, even if it is inclined to the solid surface it can also achieve a good reflection effect. At the same time, the key components of the radar meter such as the antenna are made of high-quality materials and it have strong corrosion resistance. Coupled with the integrated design of the level sensor, no moving parts, no mechanical wear bring a longer service life of it.

In summary, the radar level sensor can accurately monitor the coal-fired material level, so that the coal-fired fuel can be accurately matched to make it burn more fully, reducing pollutant emissions. Therefore, it is indeed well-deserved in the fuel tank level measurement.


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