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Radar liquid level sensor for liquid level measurement

Aug 11 , 2023

Although radar liquid level measurement has been employed for industrial level measurement for many years, but someone still using the hand-dipping measurement of liquid level has many weakness, in certain cases, choose radar liquid level sensor can avoid great errors and safety problems.

How does radar liquid level measurement works?

In radar liquid level measurement, microwaves are transmitted by the antenna system of the radar sensor to the measured product, reflected by the product surface, and received back by the antenna system. The time from emission to reception of the signals is proportional to the level in the vessel. non contacting radar transmitter becomes widely used in chemical fields, for that reason, we recommend that try HR266 radar liquid level sensor, the radar level indicator is a non-contact high-precision one and has the advantages of precision in measurement, high efficiency and simplicity in installation.

Why choose HR266 radar liquid level measurement of Holykell? 1. Non-contact measurement, no wear, no pollution. And can measure liquid, solid media objects. 2. Almost not affected by temperature, pressure, water vapor, foam, dust etc complex working conditions. 3. With 2 wire loop power supply technology, power supply voltage and output signal are transmitted through a two – core cable to save cost. 4. Adopting advanced microprocessor and unique echo processing technology can be applied to various complicated working conditions. 5. Low emission power, can be installed in various metals, non-metal containers, no harm to human environment. This article describes the working principle and structure of the radar lqiuid level measurement analyzes the problem met with in its application and solutions to them.

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