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Remote Temperature Sensors for Temperature Monitoring in Barns

Aug 11 , 2023

For temperature monitoring of barns, remote temperature sensors have unique advantages. In fact, the important significance of remote monitoring lies in the real-time monitoring of temperature data changes through the wireless transmission terminal and Holykell iot cloud platform. The importance of iot cloud platform is that the data stored in the cloud terminal will never be lost. Therefore, the wireless monitoring of the remote temperature sensor is not only to solve the problem of wire entanglement, but more importantly, its research and development represents a new product of iot sensors.

Although many people are familiar with remote temperature sensors, a few ranchers have big questions about them. According to relevant data, more than 3 billion tons of food is wasted every year. I know there are things that have to be wasted, but there are some problems that can be avoided. For example, the difference in temperature in a barn can be avoided. Because the farmer didn't realize the food in the process of storage, it will be slow to release heat, so lead to grain internal temperature rise slowly, if we through the remote temperature sensor to set the highest temperature, once the temperature reached a tipping point, the sensor will be in the Internet of things cloud server alarm, mobile phone APP to the real-time monitoring, it's timeliness far beyond artificial monitoring.

Through the above example, I would like to tell you that remote temperature sensor is a product of science and technology, which aims to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency, rather than completely replace laborer.


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