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Submersible Level Sensor Application in Agricultural Management System

Aug 11 , 2023

How to improve modern agriculture management? One aspect is to develop the irrigation system so as to achieve scientific and efficient irrigation.

Irrigation water management requires submersible level sensor system. This is a water level monitoring device which plays an important role in ensuring the efficiency of irrigation project. It can accurately monitor the water level in water tanks or pools, with the combination of control valves, we can realize automatic on/off of irrigation water supply. No need manual operation or data collection any more.

Except submersible type level sensors, the agricultural management system can be consisted of rain gauges, soil temperature and humidity sensors, magnetic water flow meters and so on. All of the devices can be used to monitor the water condition in the irrigation areas and form a complete water detection system.

Submersible Level Sensor Application in Agricultural Management System


The system has the following advantages:

1. Automation

Through the submersible water level sensors and other monitors, the water supply can be automatically detected and controlled, thus energy consumption can be reduced, and the load of the staff can be reduced; 2. Powerful expansion function

by selecting different equipment, the system can have more functions;

3. Remote monitoring function can be available by expanding wireless modules.

Even if the staff is not on site, the data collected can be monitored and controlled through a computer or a mobile phone.

4. Accuracy.

The whole system realizes accurate monitoring than the traditional agriculture.

Besides, the submersible level sensor price meets the low budget requirement for agricultural reform demands. We can provide more solutions for agricultural development. Contact us for more.


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