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Submersible Water Level Sensor Can Measure Pool Levels?

Aug 11 , 2023

Submersible water level sensor is widely used in pool level measurement. In daily life, the measurement of pool level requires the submersible or wall mounted water level sensor to measure water level changes. But the wall type water level sensor only have 2 sensors, for example, ultrasonic water level sensor and custom water level sensor. The disadvantages of the former, such as complicated operation, high price and high maintenance cost, are not commonly used. The latter’s customized water level sensor does not support small-batch customization, and it requires re-opening of molds, so the purchase cost is high. In fact, all the above water level transmitters can complete the measurement of water level in the pool, but they are not suitable for the small and medium-sized pool business philosophy and fail to be popularized in the water level measurement industry.

The working principle of submersible water level sensor is different from that of other water level sensors. Not only can it be used as an submersible direct throw in water measurement, but it also supports wall measurement. In short, it is a multi-purpose water level sensor. In addition, it is also a kind of liquid level sensor specially designed for measuring water depth. It is a kind of sensor that can feel water temperature and water level, and convert the water temperature and water level data it feels into electrical signals, which are then converted into standard electrical signals through the function of automatic temperature compensation and linear correction, so as to obtain water level data.

Submersible water level sensor has other advantages. It USES 316L SS fully sealed stainless steel body design, even in the long-term humid environment, the sensor body and chip will not be corroded. Therefore, it can be widely used in various pools of liquid level measurement.


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