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Submersible Water Level Sensor for Wastewater Tanks

Aug 11 , 2023

Water supply and wastewater treatment may vary according to different places, while one of our regular Belgian customers preferably choose a submersible water level sensor for wastewater monitoring and treatment.

Wastewater does not flow directly into the sewage system, it would be temporarily stored in a wastewater ponds or cellars before finally flowing into the sewage system. To continuously keep wastewater level monitoring, submersible water level sensors play an important role. Our Belgian customer has keep using them for over 12 years.

Submersible Water Level Sensor for Wastewater Tanks

The submersible water level sensors are usually installed at the bottom of the tank, which is not easily contaminated by impurities in the water. The sensors adopt the hydrostatic measuring mode and a high-stable core that enable the accuracy up to 0.10%. Actually our customer had tested products from different suppliers before finally selecting our level sensor HPT604 considering that our products meet his requirements best in terms of accuracy, long-term stability and customization service compared to other brands.


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