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Submersible fuel level transducer used in diesel tank level measurement

Aug 11 , 2023

Submersible fuel level transducers have been used to measure the number of uses of diesel tank levels in recent years, because diesel fuel is a ubiquitous fuel in daily life, its use is very high. Along with the rapid industrial development, diesel energy consumption is very fast, especially the sensor technology for measuring diesel level has been improved significantly. However, as an industrial product in the high-tech field, the submersible fuel level transducer is irreplaceable by other level transducers.

We should consider how the submersible fuel level transducer is installed in the diesel tank before get started. In general, diesel tanks are usually installed on the ground, indoors or outdoors. In fact, above-ground tanks are often raised to make it easier to transfer diesel fuel quickly and avoid the need for extra pumps. For diesel tanks that operate at low temperatures, however, we usually wax the tanks or add heaters to the fuel tanks to make sure the fuel is working properly in the supply line. Normally, the density of diesel oil will change with the temperature change of the environment, which will eventually affect the measurement result. Therefore, this is also to test the sensitivity of a liquid level sensor to the density of medium.

Submersible fuel level transducer for diesel tank level measurement is only part of its advantages, we need to according to the measurement medium and environment to choose the appropriate transducer.


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