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Submersible water detector used in fuel tanks

Aug 11 , 2023

It is the best solution to use submersible water detector to detect the water level in fuel tank. But despite this, a small number of people are opting for more expensive magnetostrictive level sensors. The magnetostrictive level sensor is the solution to your problem, but I’m going to share with you an effective and affordable way to water detect in fuel tank.

Why we must select submersible water detector?

Although the non-contact liquid level measurement has attracted much attention, the submersible water detector can not be replaced by other liquid level sensors. First of all, whether it is a flat bottom tank or a conical tank, the submersible type water detector can be fully applicable, while ultrasonic mechanical wave reflection needs a good environment to have accurate measurement data, even if the magnetostrictive liquid level sensor also needs to pulse current magnetic field and float to accurately read. As we all know, the physical characteristics and harsh measuring environment are beyond human control. Put yourself in another position and choose a more suitable level sensor instead of adapting to the sensor. Secondly, the price of ultrasonic liquid level sensor and magnetostrictive liquid level sensor is generally higher. Although there is no wear and tear on moving parts, they are expensive to maintain.

Submersible water detector used in fuel tanks


Submersible water detector is specially designed for the detection of water accumulation in oil. The sensor probe is designed with a “pinhead” probe so that it can calculate the drainage level in time. Based on the submersible design, it costs about the same as a normal level sensor, but its performance far exceeds that of a magnetostrictive level sensor.


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