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The Application of Capacitance Diesel Level Probe

Aug 11 , 2023

Capacitance diesel level probe is a kind of variable dielectric capacitor that uses the change of measured medium surface to cause the change of the capacitance.

When we talk to the capacitance sensor, we need to know the principle of capacitance diesel level probe, it is based on change of capacitance. An insulated electrode acts as one plate of capacitor and the tank wall (or reference electrode in a non-metallic vessel) acts as the other plate. The capacitance depends on the fluid level. An empty tank has a lower capacitance while a filled tank has a higher capacitance. A simple capacitor consists of two electrode plate separated by a small thickness of an insulator such as solid, liquid, gas, or vacuum. This insulator is also called as dielectric. HPT621 capacitance level probe adopted highly integrated dedicated capacitance core components and is with high accuracy,stability and continuous measurement function after accurate temperature compensation and linear correction which acts as a very excellent role in the capacitance liquids measuring.

The capacitance diesel level probe application: it is usually equipped in the diesel tank which is vertical to the diesel surface in the driving car. The two inner and outer tubes are equivalent to the electrode plates of a capacitor, and a certain gap needs to be maintained. The remaining oil amount can be measured by the position change of the fuel level. And the capacitance is usually used in the diesel tank monitoring, the automobile hydraulic, and other fuel tanks measurements. The whole capacitance probe is stable with no movable or elastic parts. It is resistant to shock and vibration. And with high reliability, accuracy and good cost performance. Also suitable for liquids level measurement and alarm monitoring in light industry,food industry like juices and milk. In order to provide intelligent liquids transmitter for our customers all the way.

It is no difficult to see that with the increasing development of the of diesel and fuel industry , the monitoring and measurement of the level in the transportation, the delivery safety, and the leakage of the liquids is more and more important now. So the capacitance level transmitter will be you usual helper in the future work.


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