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The Definition and Application of Submersible Pressure Transducer

Aug 11 , 2023

With a constant demand rise of submersible pressure transducer, a type of measurement device that is submersed directly in such liquid to be measured as water, milk, beverages, oil and etc, more focus is put on it's research and development. It is a device positioned as close as possible to the bottom, then converts pressure-induced mechanical changes into an electrical signal. It is the most users' selection considering it's price and applications.


                                          The Definition and Application of Submersible Pressure Transducer


Various Applications of submersible pressure sensor

First occurrence in the early 1960s, submersible pressure transducer has made the collection of liquid-level and pressure data much more convenient than former methods, and can be used for any underwater liquid level detection. It is compatible with many different types of liquids including but not limited in water, fuel, leachate, corrosive liquid. Some typical applications include: liquid tanks, ground water level measurement, water conservancy projects, automation control, waste water projects, environmental sites etc…

Since submersible pressure transducer can be used in so many cases, is it suitable for all the cases of level measurement? Here it has to mention that it is generally NOT recommended in violently shaking big containers which might result in accuracy and more frequently used in static cases. Thanks to the new technologies, submersible pressure transducer is becoming more cost-effective and performance.



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