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The Importance of Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

In the modern industrial measurement, it is very important to use magnetostrictive level sensor to measure liquid level. Not just because it is itself a position of high range measurement sensor, more importantly, when measuring wave guide pulse generator, the electronic parts after processing into the initial pulse propagation along the transmission line current pulse, the magnetic field and the circular formation of the magnetic field produced by the superposition, produce the instantaneous torque, wave guide line twist and tension pulses, the pulse at a fixed speed along the wave guide line comes back, will be terminated on both ends of the coil to produce induced current pulse is pulse, by measuring the initial pulse and termination of the pulse jet lag between you can accurately gauge or displacement data.

High precision measurement data can not be achieved without the principle of magnetostriction. In fact, magnetostriction principle is based on the change of magnetization direction in ferromagnetism, so as to judge the change of lattice spacing of the medium, and finally make the length and volume of ferromagnetic substance change: magnetostriction phenomenon, also known as widman effect, whose inverse effect is villari effect. However, not all ferromagnetic materials have application value, and only some new materials with high magnetostrictive properties have practical application value.

The importance of the magnetostrictive level sensor is self-evident when measuring the fuel tank level. First, it uses the waveguide principle, and the entire converter is enclosed in a stainless steel tube for high stability and precision. Secondly, it has high explosion-proof performance, which can protect users' safety even when measuring chemical raw materials or flammable liquids. Finally, because the magnetostrictive liquid level sensing uses the standard output signal, it is convenient for the microcomputer to process in time, which makes the technology of the IoT sensor monitoring improve, and also improves the automation of the entire measurement system.


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