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The Temperature Measuring Point of RTD Temperature Sensor

Aug 11 , 2023

With the continuous improvement of rtd temperature sensor technology, many people begin to study how to choose the temperature measurement point of rtd temperature sensor. This means that in the current situation, users want to know more about thermal resistance than the basic conditions of industrial temperature measurement.

The temperature measuring point of the rtd temperature sensor is the most important. The location of the temperature measurement point must be typical and representative for the production process, otherwise it will lose the significance of measurement and control. When the thermal resistance is inserted into the site to be measured, heat flow will be generated along the length of the sensor. When the ambient temperature is low, there will be heat loss, resulting in temperature measurement error due to the inconsistency between the thermal resistance temperature sensor and the temperature of the object to be measured.In short, the error caused by heat conduction is related to the insertion depth, which in turn is related to the material of the protective tube. If the thermal conductivity of the metal protection tube is good, its insertion depth should be deeper, and the thermal insulation of ceramic material is good, it can be inserted into the shallow. For the engineering temperature measurement, its insertion depth is also related to the static or flowing state of the measurement object, such as the temperature measurement of flowing liquid or high-speed airflow. These are not limited, and the insertion depth can be shallow. The specific value should be determined by the experimental value.

In my opinion, the quality of a rtd temperature sensor is not based on the brand or the price, but whether the product is cost-effective or knowledge-sharing, it can be of substantial help to us.


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