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The development direction of high temperature pressure transmitter

Aug 11 , 2023

High temperature pressure transmitter is the most commonly used pressure transmitter in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, including petroleum pipelines, water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military, petrochemical, oil wells, electric power, ships, machine tools, ducted air supply, boilers, furnaces and many other industries.

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The high temperature pressure transmitters plays an important guiding role in measurement and control. Common pressure sensors measuring temperatures is below 200°C which is unable to accurately measure pressure at high temperatures. In modern science and technology production, scientific research and other fields, sensor measurement technology is widely used. Each monitoring link and plays an irreplaceable role in the entire operating system. Especially in the harsh environment, such as heat-resistant cavities and surface parts such as engines, space vehicles of high-speed missiles and satellites, the requirements are extremely higher. For this reason, it is of great significance to study high temperature pressure sensors that can work normally at hihg temp conditions.

Therefore, high temperature pressure transmitter development direction in the future is:

1.Strengthen the research of autonomous high-temperature pressure transmitters, especially the potential research of SiC-based high-temperature pressure sensors and SAW wireless high-temperature pressure sensors.

2.Development of multi-parameter integrated high-temperature transmitter systems and high-temperature circuits. In the end, China will complete the engineering and industrialization of sensors, form a series of products, improve the overall level of technology and international competitiveness, and provide technical support for the development of advanced power equipment such as heavy rocket engines, aero engines, and superb engines.

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