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The development trend of oil pipeline pressure transducers

Aug 11 , 2023

With the increase in the number of high-temperature tubing laid in recent years, the number of oil pipeline pressure transducers has also increased dramatically. Although the current oil pipeline material is based on the highest oil temperature, the engineers believe that under some harsh conditions, we are not 100 percent sure that the oil pipeline will not burst at high temperatures.

The oil pipelines burst because there was no real-time measurement of the oil pipeline pressure transducers. According to industry data, at least 300, 000 pipelines around the world are poorly managed each year, affecting the flow of oil and resulting in higher transportation costs. On the one hand, the global climate temperature difference is large, some oil pipes are often exposed to the high temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between the oil pipe and the outside is high, causing the material of oil pipe to expand and burst. On the other hand, the crude oil in the oil pipeline is hotter, and the refractory pipe material purchased by the purchaser to control the cost bursts.

The example above confirms the development trend and importance of oil pipeline pressure transducers from the front. In fact, no matter how advanced the technology develops in the future, the transducer will not leave the stage of history.


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