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The working principle of thermocouple

Aug 11 , 2023

Temperature sensors help people in many unique ways and are one of the most widely used technical devices in the world. Thermocouple sensors occupy a non-negligible advantage in the field of temperature sensors because of their light weight and extremely competitive prices. So what is the principleof thermocouple?

A thermocouple is actually an energy converter, which converts thermal energy into electrical energy and uses the generated thermoelectric potential to measure temperature. Two conductors of different composition (called thermocouple wire or hot electrode) are connected into a loop at both ends. When the temperature of the two junctions is different, an electromotive force is generated in the loop. This phenomenon is called thermoelectric effect, and This electromotive force is called thermoelectric force. Thermocouples use this principle for temperature measurement.

Through the working principle of the thermocouple, connect it to the measuring instrument, and the temperature of the measured medium can be known after measuring the thermoelectromotive force. The core advantage of the thermocouple sensor is that it can be used in high temperature conditions or in harsh environments. Some models have a working temperature of up to 1700 ° C. It is a widely used temperature sensors.


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