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Ultrasonic distance level transmitter used in smart city

Aug 11 , 2023

With the increase of urban population, the construction of smart cities has ushered in a new round of speed-up. As an indispensable part of a smart city, the ultrasonic distance level transmitter is particularly important in the monitoring of the drainage pipe network. The drainage pipe network monitoring system can monitor road water accumulation, inland river (lake) water level, and culvert drainage in real time. Effectively prevent floods, reduce the occurrence of dangerous situations to avoid loss of life and property.

As an important method of liquid level monitoring in smart cities, ultrasonic distance level transmitter has the characteristics of high cost performance, high reliability, diverse communication methods, and simple and convenient installation. At the same time, according to the different measurement needs of the urban liquid level system, our company provides integrated and split ultrasonic products. Integrated universal ultrasonic liquid level meter US8000: moderate measuring range, multiple output methods, high cost performance, widely used in water level monitoring of inland rivers and lakes, as well as water level monitoring of larger manholes. Segregated intelligent ultrasonic liquid level meter US9000: split design, combining uultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, ultrasonic servo circuit, transmission circuit and uses SMD components and ASIC, multi-channel with control function, can monitor the flow, widely used in ditches, river flow monitoring, inland river water level monitoring.

Ultrasonic distance level transmitter contributes its own strength in the liquid level measurement of smart city with its superior performance and diversified measurement methods. It has played a positive role in urban management.


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