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Ultrasonic fuel level transducer Installation precautions

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is a fuel quantity monitoring device designed for enterprise managers. It can be used to prevent oil theft, optimize operating costs, optimize driver driving behavior, and assist statistical decision-making. The sensor uses an ultrasonic probe to measure the oil level height, and then performs the intelligent processing of the oil level signal through the built-in program of the host, and finally sends the oil level information to the system platform via GPS, and generates an oil level report after analysis. The sensor supports serial port and analog output, which is convenient for the docking of the vehicle and can easily connect the sensor to the background system.

Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is environmentally safe, non-polluting, highly accurate, easy to install and maintain, but during the installation process, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

1.Full fuel tank: Ensure that any liquid level of the fuel tank can be measured, and avoid the obstruction or partition through the liquid level value and the actual value.

2.No serious tilt of the fuel tank level: It is effective to avoid subsequent inaccurate oil volume spikes and inaccuracies.

3.When signal cannot be measured at the installation point or the signal is unstable.

The ultrasonic fuel level transducer can be used for oil level monitoring of various vehicles and other working conditions. Used to digitally record changes in oil level to prevent oil theft conditions, avoid waste of resources, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen management. As the transportation industry grows, the ultrasonic sensors will be more used in those industries.


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