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Ultrasonic fuel level transducer used for stationary fuel tank

Aug 11 , 2023

For a long time, engineers have had different views on the use of ultrasonic fuel level transducers for fuel tank level measurement. There are two main topics discussed: one is the stationary tank optimal level sensor, and the other is the moving tank (truck oil tank) optimal level sensor. In fact, as they say, fuel tanks in different states use different level sensors.

I also have a different perspective on the ultrasonic fuel level transducer for stationary tanks. Stationary oil tanks are generally industrial oil tanks with a small range and under the standard of atmospheric pressure. Secondly, make sure the surrounding industrial environment is free of dust and foam, or they will affect the stability of the sensor. Since some external factors are to be avoided, the submersible fuel level sensor can also be used in theory to complete the measurement without blind spots. However, the ultrasonic level transducer uses a non-contact method to measure fuel level, which can still maintain a high accuracy of 0.25%FS while ensuring that the sensor does not wear out. In addition, it has a higher explosion-proof performance.

As for the ultrasonic fuel level transducer for moving tanks, their point is that multipurpose capacitive level sensors are more suitable than ultrasonic level sensors. The reason is that when the oil tank truck is on the road, the instability of the vehicle speed will cause the liquid level in the tank to shake, which will affect the ultrasonic echo data. If the oil tank truck is parked on a ramp, the level of the tank will also change, so it will not be able to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Therefore, the ultrasonic fuel level transducer discussed by the engineers is completely feasible for use in stationary oil tanks. It also tells us that we need to choose the best sensor according to the environment and state of the medium.


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