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Ultrasonic fuel level transducer used in oil depot

Aug 11 , 2023

Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is mainly used in oil field, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, especially in the oil level measurement of oil depot in gas station. It is very necessary to install ultrasonic oil level sensor. Through the application of ultrasonic level sensor, it can effectively guarantee the safety of the oil depot and monitor the use of oil.

Ultrasonic fuel level transducer is a non-contact instrument. In the oil level measurement of the oil depot, there is no direct contact with the liquid, and the failure rate is low. In addition, the ultrasonic liquid level meter is selected to measure the oil level of the oil depot. Another important function is its explosion-proof function. Diesel crude oil is a flammable and explosive liquid, during the measurement process, we require explosion-proof function of it. This product adopts die-cast aluminum alloy waterproof material according to Exd national standard, and the sensor shell is designed as a flameproof standard shell, which can be measured in all flammable explosive gases. At the same time, the ATEX explosion-proof certification provided by the manufacturer guarantees the measurement to a greater extent. The safety factor in the process protects the safety of equipment and workers. At the same time, because the liquid level sensor is installed at the external position of the oil tank, it will not cause any pollution to the measured oil products, and avoid the impact of the clear tank on production.

For Ultrasonic fuel level transducer's unique ATMEL calculation chip, its data processing speed is more than twice that of other sensors. He can quickly display the oil level of each oil tank in real time and interlock with the pump valve, which can achieve the safety of oil products entering and leaving the warehouse. The system uses the 485 bus, which can realize remote monitoring and control in the monitoring room, so that the warehouse area is unattended and warehouse area is kept in the safest state.


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