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Ultrasonic water level meter used in Construction Grout Production

Aug 11 , 2023

With the development of the economy, the buildings are built higher and higher, and high-quality and high-tech building materials have become a strong guarantee for the construction industry. As a high-precision sensor configuration, the ultrasonic water level meter ensures the accuracy and stability of materials in proportion weighing, packaging and other links in the grouting liquid production line.

In the process of monitoring the grout liquid ratio, the ultrasonic water level meter doesn't need to be connected to the measured medium. It only needs to be installed above the production tank of each grout liquid production line, and the sound waves are propagated in the air to meet the surface of the medium. After the reflection occurs, it is received by the sensor. The microprocessor of the sensor calculates the time it takes to transmit and receive. The height of the raw material in the tank can be calculated. Through the output signal managers can controls the on-off valve in the production process and strictly controls the proportion of the raw material.

Ultrasonic water level meter adopts non-contact measurement method, which can well avoid the influence of corrosive media on the sensor, and the measurement range is wider. In addition, the sensor can measure both the material level and the liquid level, and is not affected by the color of the surface of the medium, which greatly meets the measurement of different media in the grouting liquid ratio process. (Water level, raw material level, etc. need to be measured during the proportioning process). At the same time, there are a variety of installation methods for thread and coil clamping installation, which are easy to install. The response time is less than 200ms and it provides high-precision measurement results. It is the first choice to implement monitoring and control during the grout production process.


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