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Use Notes of Submersible Level Sensors

Aug 11 , 2023

With high accuracy and stability provided, submersible level sensor is one of the most common sensors in our life and various industries. And here are some notes when using them.

Use Notes of Submersible Level Sensors

When using submersible level sensors, it’s better to choose stablized power supply and supply power separately. The stability of the power supply affects the performance of the sensors, and better to control its error below one-fifth of the allowable error of the sensor. For products with special power supply requirements, a special power supply must be connected;The signal line should be a shielded cable to prevent electromagnetic wave interference; Wire the sensor according to the correct wiring method; If the sensor is installed in a pool, water tank, etc.,away from the location where the water flow rate is too fast.                                                                                                

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When submersible level sensors are used in occasions with large fluctuations, such as when submersible pumps are used, it’s better to fix the sensor firmly, or a holding pipe is used and a hole should be opened on the pipe at intervals. The location of the pipe should be far away from the water inlet and outlet; Protect the ventilation cable, do not bend or replace it in a timely manner when damage occurs.

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